Commercial Fueling

Pacific Pride

Pacific Pride is one of the top fuel management solutions in the nation and is designed to reduce the total cost of operating your business vehicles while providing a convenient and efficient system for organizing fuel purchases.


Pacific Pride is all about accessibility, offering services for all-sized companies, fleets, and government agencies. Whether you operate 1 vehicle or 100, our partnership with Pacific Pride has you covered.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we are confident that our services will lower your aggregate fuel cost (the total time, effort, and money it takes to keep your vehicles on the road and your employees productive). Our fueling locations are designed to reduce fraud and expedite getting your employees back to work, producing profit for your business.


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Keeping you Accountable

Pacific Pride is the most accurate control system and data management solution on the market. As a Pacific Pride franchisee, we are in absolute control over the transaction processing at our location and can guarantee a wide range of controls, including restricting purchases to specific grades of fuel. Our extensive management reporting system will help you reduce typical accounting processes related to evaluating fueling activity and scheduling vehicle maintenance. Business owners and fleet managers have the ability to select and customize the following components to suit each individual driver:

Fueling Products

Specific fuel products, including alternative options

Specific Fueling Hours

Fueling hours of the day and of the week

Fuel Transactions

The number of fuel transactions per day

Limited Fueling

Gallon limits per fill, per day, and even per week


The availability of e-receipts

User Reporting

Flexible user defined reporting to track fuel invoice and spending patterns

Our goal is to provide a flexible mode of fuel delivery that will be both reliable and easy to use. With the restrictions mentioned above, any company whether big or small will be able to create a fuel management plan that suits their needs!

Alternative Fuel Options

With environmental awareness growing stronger, we are dedicated to offering a variety of fuel sources to our customers including environmentally friendly fuel alternatives. After conducting extensive research into accessible alternative fuel options such as electric cars and compressed natural gas, we too have entered into this market with propane.


Propane, also known as auto gas, has been in worldwide use for vehicles for decades. It is domestically produced, well established, safe, and clean burning both for the air and engines. It is the world’s third most common transportation fuel. We are proud to be a partner with AmeriGas to offer this fuel option at our Pacific Pride South location.


As a fuel management business, our mission is to provide our services in a manner that will both improve upon and curb current environmental fueling impacts. Thanks to our partnerships with Pacific Pride and AmeriGas, we are fulfilling our environmental goals one alternative fuel option at a time!